Apartment Therapy Features Fancy Trees

Oh, Apartment Therapy! I love you in so many ways it sometimes feels like a dirty obsession...the sophomore nerd crushing on the cool, popular quarterback...Samantha Baker + Jake Ryan... I have 42 notebooks filled with drawings of your face (mostly comprised of the back of your head), your boots, my name when we wed... (I've decided to take yours because my feminist views are trumped by the ridiculously sweet siren-call of "Mrs. Amy Apartment Therapy"), the names of our children, grand-children and cat children.

Now that I see that you have noticed me THREE times, it could only mean one thing...you love me too. I'm not very good with with words (and have no business blogging) so I have attached this video which I believe to be a more accurate portrayal of the feelings I have for you. 

Your eternal flame,