Before + After: Grungy Risers Catch a Wave

It's been a crazy summer moving both my illustration studio and our home into one live-work loft that was in need some TLC...but sometimes a little Before + After makes the madness all seem worthwhile. Here is a little sneak peak starting with the risers to our new loft a.k.a. 'The Treehouse'.


My Husband is a land-locked surfer, so I thought I would create a little sea-inspired entrance to our new nest. I topped it off with one of his old surfboards to help tide him over until we can get back to the sea...terrible pun, I know.

Materials :

  • 1 quart Behr Interior Semi-gloss in Wave Crest
  • 1 quart Behr Interior Semi-gloss in Nightshade
  • 2 empty plastic mixing containers (I like to reuse my recycled yogurt containers)

Cost:    $25

Time:   2 hours